The problem with car ignition switches and other parts of the vehicle is that it can be difficult to tell when they malfunction. Not only is there no red flag to tell you that something is wrong, but the symptoms could be very subtle. Other, there are clear signs that your car’s ignition switch needs replacement by an auto locksmith.

Here are some signs to look for:

Ignition Key Not Working

If your ignition key suddenly stops working and you hear a click-click noise when trying to turn the key, it might be time for ignition switch replacement. This happens when the ignition switch is malfunctioning, which will prevent you from starting the car. You should check out our auto locksmith professionals to get this checked immediately.

Vehicle Suddenly Switches Off

If your vehicle suddenly switches off while driving, this could mean that the ignition switch needs replacement. You should stop driving immediately and check if you can turn the car on again. If it doesn’t start, leave the car where it is and call 911 or other emergency assistance to get help.

Intermittent Starts

If your car only starts sometimes, even if the battery is working fine, the problem is your ignition switch. One easy test you can do to determine if this is the case is to wiggle the key while turning on the ignition. If it starts, then you know there’s something wrong with the switch even though your car turns on normally when driving.

Difficulty Starting Your Car

A notable sign is when your car’s ignition switch is starting to give up.
For instance, if you need to turn your key multiple times before the engine will finally start running, this could indicate problems with the ignition switch or other parts of your vehicle’s wiring system. You may also hear clicking or buzzing sounds when you first turn the key or nothing at all.

Warning Light

A problem with your car’s ignition switch will often trigger a warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard. But if you ignore this warning light, problems may start cropping up with your vehicle’s other parts. For instance, the engine might shut off at random times. You could also lose power steering or end up stranded because of a dead battery. In short: take care of the problem now to avoid more expensive repairs later on.

Call Coral Springs Locksmith to Replace Your Car’s Ignition Switch

If you’re worried that your car’s ignition switch is starting to fail and would like to have it checked out by professionals, call Coral Springs Locksmith. We offer quick services and will be more than happy to send an auto locksmith to check your vehicle for any problems. Call us at 954-715-2223

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